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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh My Gosh!

Pin It Tonight when I was putting Maddie to bed we did our normal... Princess Maddie story (which is just a story of what she did that day and what Princess Maddie needs to work on) said our prayers and sang some songs.  I thought OK, she likes to sing songs so let's do the ABC song.  As soon as I started, even in the dark, I could see the big eye roll!  I swear she kept looking at the top of her head so much she looked like she was about to have a seizure!  I don't get it!  Why is is so difficult for her to do them!?!  She can say her prayers ALL OF IT,
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
Keep me safe through the night,
and wake me in the morning light.
(Revised so I don't have to deal with the death question right now)
Dear Lord,
Thank you for all that you do,
Bless me and my family too!

She even knows most of Jesus Loves Me, Silent Night and Rock A Bye Baby.  *only ones I could remember so they are our every night songs.. lol
I just don't get why the ABC's just aren't fun for her.  It's still singing!  So frustrating!  I even try to do them when I do school with her everyday.  Always a blank stare! 

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