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Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's a great day!

Pin It Since Shane worked so late yesterday I said I would wake up early with Maddie.  She slept in until 7a!  It was great!!  Forgot to turn off her new little cat she just bought yesterday.  One of those Furreal Cat toys.  She got a smaller one that was half the price of the one with the link.  Anyways, I was just getting ready to fall asleep and I hear it meowing like crazy!  I forgot to turn it off when she went to bed with it.  So Shane had to sneak in, he's better at sneaking than I am, and turn it off.  Madde was smashed up against the top of the bed, all squased and sleeping sideways.  Poor thing! 
Heading off to church here in a little bit, hoping Maddie will still do pretty well with that too.  We haven't been in a few weeks, since I was sick and then just didn't feel like it last week, too much going on. 
Today is supposed to bet up in the 50's again.  I hope it does that way Shane will be able to go for a little bit of a ride today.  I know how much he hated having to work yesterday when it turned out to be a lot nicer than what the weathermen were saying it would.  He just got a fairing for it and hasn't really had a chance to ride it much since he put it on.  Got to go for a short cold ride the other day but not a good relaxing one.

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