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Monday, March 1, 2010

Its Monday so guess that means another softie!

Pin It Today Maddie actually slept until 7:30a!!  It was so nice!  So since it was icky and cold outside we made a little softie. (Well 2 actually)  I got lazy and just drew the face on it.  lol  Just used some leftover fleece and felt I had.  Made a little girl one that she calls 'Sister' and a little chicken.  (She hasn't named that one yet)  She loves to stuff them and has so much fun doing it!



She found 2 marbles in with all my buttons.  Not sure why she was trying to put them in her ears.  

Yes it was in the 40's today and yet I couldn't get her to put pants on.  Good thing we stayed inside all day!

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