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Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow day equals sew day!

Pin It Well I finally ventured into the quilting, ok actually just made a quilt blocked skirt for Maddie.  The front part all the blocks matched up but when I did the back they were off just a little bit.  I wasn't about to rip it out so I just left it.  First one is always a trial.  lol  I have also been thinking about trying to make my own appliques.  I don't know how to do it on the machine yet though so that will be new.  I got some heat and bond to put it on the shirt, had it pinned, thought it looked good and then ironed it on and it's crooked!!  UGH!!  Oh, another learning experience.  I still need to go check out youtube or google how to applique around the edges of it with the machine.  Not sure if I should just zigzag or try to use the button stitch.  Not sure.  Here is what I made today.  Also have an M cut out to put on a shirt but she actually doesn't have a plain one I could use!  Hmmm... guess I need to go shopping soon!!!

The skirt was made from Moda Love U charm pack I got off ebay.  Very cute!!

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