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Saturday, February 27, 2010

what are eyelashes for?

Pin It Maddie asked us the other day what eyelashes are for.  We told her they help keep dirt out of your eyes.  Maddie said, " Nah uh, they don't work.  I was shoveling in the dirt, and I got dirt in my eye.  They don't work!!"  Funny little girl!
She woke up this morning and came in and said, "Good morning momma.  Are you happy!?!"  I said, yes baby, I"m happy.  I asked her if she went to the bathroom and she said, "I was in the bullfrogs tummy and I peed in his tummy and the bullfrog cried!"  lol  Something funny to wake up to!  I asked her if it was a dream and she said, "Yes a silly dream"  lol  

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