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Friday, February 26, 2010

Halter Top Dress

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Finally got Mad's Halter dress done today.  It was a little bit of a pain.  My pattern I made, which I did try on Maddie the best I could before I cut out the material, was too small.  Around the waist fit her but it would 'just fit her' so I made it a lace up in the back.  Then the neckline was a little too wide cut so I put little pleats in it.  I had her try on the top first to make sure it fit and it did, looks really cute as just a top, then I did the skirt part to it.  I just got some ideas online from this one site HALTER TOP SUNDRESS   Her's are so cute!!  Making her a top tomorrow but not the lace up.  Still kind of like the lace up one so just might have to make one of those too.  :) 




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