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Monday, February 8, 2010

What a great weekend!!

Pin It Saturday we went to get Maddie's 3 year pictures taken.  She did very well, we were so proud of her!!  Got some really cute pics, she is really growing up!!  She was good all day so that was an extra bonus!  lol 
She was so proud since she picked out her outfit all on her own!!  lol  Did a good job.

A week or so ago we found a friend of ours on FB, my husband worked with him about 12 years ago.  He is now a preacher in a little town by where we used to live.  We ALL went to church on Sunday, it was great!!  It was about an hour drive but very worth it.  The church was nice, very friendly, felt comfortable there and loved the sermon.  Great laid back church, exactly what we needed to find!!  Maddie did VERY well too.  Shane still didn't think she did well but he hasn't ever been to church with her and yesterday was 90% better than when we normally go.   Very nice! 
After church Tom, the preacher, took us out to eat so we could catch up.  It's been over 10 years since we have really seen him.  It was a nice meal and and a great time to catch up with an old friend.  Hoping to start going there weekly and eventually we will get Mad to go to the nursery so she can be around other kids her age too.  That will be good for her.
We then went and saw my MIL.  She is home now and doing pretty well, she is using the walker but is getting around pretty well.  She said in a couple weeks she won't need the walker anymore.  She is gonna try to keep Maddie the end of the month.  We have been telling Maddie she has to watch out for grammy's hip and not jump on her.  I think they will do well. 
Well today we were going to go to Edmond and go looking at some thrift stores but it is already snowing!  They said it wasn't supposed to get here until after lunch but it was already snowing around 8a or earlier this morning.   It's really coming down with big flakes!! 

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