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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pin It Haven't posted anything in a few days.  Very tired of this weather, yes I know its winter but I am still tired of it!  Been crappy all this week too, the sun has come out some and is melting everything but now it is just all nice and muddy.  It's also been foggy most of the time too.  UGH!  If I wanted this weather I would be living up north!  lol 
Shane's mom got to come home from the hospital today.  She was saying that they weren't talking about having her do therapy but that might have changed by now.  You would think with a broken hip they would want therapy, she was just saying they gave her some exercises to do at home.  Hope she will do well and heal quickly, she isn't the type to stay still.
Getting Maddie's pictures taken on Sat and I was trying to figure out what she is gonna wear.  Well Maddie decided what she is gonna wear. lol  She picked pretty much everything out.  It is actually pretty cute.  Gonna see if Shane will be up to taking a family shot too since we are there.  Might as well, we have never had a prof family one done before.
That's about it for now, just doing crafts with Maddie, cleaning house and looking for sewing ideas online.  How exciting!?!  lol

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