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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm a great driver

Pin It Maddie came up to me and asked if she could sit on my lap and drive?  I told her no honey not today, she looked at me and said, "I'm a great driver!"   She is so funny!!  Sometimes we let her ride on our lap when we drive from the garage, which is in the back,  to the front of the front of the house.  She loves it!  She is also glad that it is almost time to mow the yard because then she gets to ride on the lawn mower with Daddy!  Lets just hope it starts this year, it's about 18 years old and we have been nursing it along the last few years.  lol  Hate that we will have to get a new one and will prob end up getting a push one instead which is really going to disappoint Maddie.  It takes almost 3 hours to mow our big yard with the push though.  Oh well, great exercise!  I'll have to see if Maddie will be good and play and let me mow at least half of it or so then daddy can finish it. 
Let's see..... what else has been going on?  Nothing much really.  She still says she is a cat and is constantly meowing and crawling around the house.  I asked her is she wanted a jacket earlier today and she told me no because she had fur and that would keep her warm.  Smart little girl but I still got her a jacket.  lol

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