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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easy Zippered Purse

Pin It Today we went to Story Time and then went by the small material shop we have here to look for some fat quarters.  Maddie picked out a cute one that had princesses on it.  There was only one so I was trying to figure out a simple little purse to make for her.  I was browsing a few of the sites I follow and found this Easy Zippered Purse to make for her.  I did my dimensions a little different, only because I cut it out wrong.  lol  It was really pretty easy to make and want to make her some more now!  (I'm out of fusible interfacing though, I hope I will be able to get some when we go to Edmond this weekend.)  The purse came out really cute, even with the wonky non matching strap I had left over from another bag, and she really loves it!  She has it packed full already!!

She loves these cute $1 lipgloss rings we found at Wal-Mart.  They even have a mirrored lid when you open it.  :) 

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