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Sunday, March 28, 2010

My first quilt

Pin It After searching around online for some cute ideas, I came across this Rag Quilt at Creations by Kara  it was so gorgeous I just had to try except I had no pattern in mind.  I have always wanted to make Maddie a quilt using some of her baby clothes but I couldn't bring myself to cutting up too many, so I had just a few I could use. Most of them were t-shirt material so I knew that they wouldn't ravel like I would want for the quilt but thought it would be a little different in texture.  I had Maddie use some fabric paint and we put her hand prints on a few blocks and then I let her use a permanent magic marker to draw some pictures on some squares and then I helped her write what the picture was.  She had a lot of fun doing that.

After cutting out the batting on Thursday night and then getting the backing on Friday (which Maddie chose) and cutting that out, I did 1 row before going to bed that night just to see how it would do.  It turned out pretty cute.  I was so excited to get started.  Started sewing around 9a on Sat and then finally around 8p I was done.  WHEW!!  Not sure if I want to do another one of those or not!  lol  Guess it won't be that bad since I now know what to expect and hopefully I won't try to get it all done in ONE day!  I would love to say I did it all myself but mom did help.  I would get so tired and need a break so she would jump in a take over.  It was nice to have her helping with it though!  Gave me a nice break and it gone done that much quicker!  So after getting it sewed together around 8p, I then spent almost another 2 hours clipping the seams so they would ravel.  I then washed and dried it only to find several spots that I had missed when I was clipping so I had to clip them again too.  I think it will look so much better after a few more washes.  It's nice and raveled now just not as much as I would like.
So a big Thank You goes out to my mom for helping me sew and when she wasn't sewing she was keeping Maddie occupied, also a very big Thank You goes out to Sharron for helping keep Maddie entertained and for surprising mom and I with brand new Pinking Shears!!!  Yea us!!!  Thanks again Sharron!!!


Patty said...

nice quilt. Looks like you all had a fun weekend.

Nicole said...

Thanks Patty!! Yes we did!! Maddie is still all wound up from all the excitement!! lol

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