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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What a CROCodile!

Pin It Pin It Found this really cute crocodile softie online. Found it here at We Wilsons I didn't get the pattern but just went from the picture and tried to figure it out myself.  I made Maddie one out of some scrap I had that I knew I wouldn't cry about if it messed up.  It's not bad, came out pretty cute.  Have a few adjustments to make of course but def. something I will be trying again.  I already cut 2 more out and of course, that was before I figured out I need to do some adjusting.  Guess I will go ahead and make them up too.  Making one for a little boy Maddie likes at Story Time.  Don't have material that is really boyish though or even really just plain.  Found some brown but still has flowers on it.  Will post that pic too after I get them done.   
Notice her poor eye?  She was getting clothes out of her dresser and hit it on the corner of the drawer.  Yeah, she's talented like momma!!

Constantly saying she wants to feed him!

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