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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lovely shade tree

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We have this amazing shade tree in our front yard, it is beautiful, it is huge and very old.  Shane said that it is probably about 80 ft tall and we assume around 100 years old.  It gives the front of the house very nice shade and Maddie loves to sit in it but….


this Sugar Gum tree drops tons of these crazy spikey balls into the driveway.  They are a big pain in the butt, get stuck on your flip flops and make you feel like you are walking on giant marbles!  I have had a few people almost fall in the driveway because of them.  I have racked them and then 2 days later you can’t even tell I have done anything to it!!! 


We won’t cut it down but just wanted to say that they nice shade and beauty of it, and how old it has to be, out weighs the ‘stinking balls’! (As Mad calls them)

This is a picture of it a few years ago during the winter.  The best picture I could find of it where it shows its true height and as you can see it is still cut off. 

had to take this from my photobucket account.  When did they stop letting you download your own photos? 



Katherines Corner said...

Oh I love that big beautiful tree!

Nicole said...

:) Thanks Katherine!

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