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Friday, March 12, 2010

What a Friday!

Pin It Woken up at 6a by Maddie yelling, "Momma, I peed in my bed!!"  So, the morning was off to a great start!!  lol  After a little coffee I decided to get started on another halter top shirt for Maddie.  I added an applique to one side on this one.  Didn't turn out too bad!  I thought I was all done with it but once I was done, I noticed I had only put loops on one side of back.  Man, maybe I should have had a little more coffee!!  Ripped it out and added the loops to the other side.  Finally got it done and tried it on her and it's almost too big!!  WOW!  I thought I had cut this one out a little smaller.  Guess not!  Oh well, at least she will be able to wear it for a while.

Oh and during all that Maddie asked for some gum, got her a little piece and somehow she got some of it in her hair and didn't bother to let me know until I was getting ready to try on the top I made her.  Sooooo..... slapped some peanut butter on it and actually got it out!  Wooo whoo!!  Gave her a quick bath after that since she was smelling like PB.  

She is so ready to go to the grammie's this weekend.  They are coming to get her in a few hours.  She has been asking to go since she woke up this morning!  Believe me if I could I would have taken her to Grammy Sharron by now!!  lol  Although she has been pretty good today.  She is always so excited when it is a weekend to go see the grandparents!  

Ok, here's the pictures of her top I made. Also here is the link I got the idea from.  I posted the link last time but in case someone needs it again here it is! Halter top sundress

also need to make the ties a little shorter!  Looks like she has a little tail!

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