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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Great Weekend

Pin It We had a pretty good weekend this weekend.  Maddie stayed the night with my mom and Shane and I went out to eat at Cattleman's.  It was good as usual and very busy as usual.  We then went to Ringwood for the Ringwood Festicle Whoo Hooo!!  It was nice to see everyone.  Didn't get to stay too long since it is an hour and half drive home but it was fun.  Saw some people I haven't seen since High School.  
Here is the latest project I made for Maddie.  I google Octopus softie and couldn't find one I liked or one with a pattern besides crochet or knit.  I just drew one out and then used the same concept as the giraffe for the bottom so it would be flat and have the legs hang right.  Turned out pretty cute but need to work on the head.  It reminds me of a tooth!! lol

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