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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a Gorgeous Day!!

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Today started out with watching a beautiful sunrise and has just continued to be a beautiful day!  Maddie and I took advantage of the nice weather, yeah still windy but that's Oklahoma for you, and we went for a nice long walk.  We went to the park for a bit and let  her play on the big swings, since on her swing set she doesn't go high enough, and she went down the big slides.  She had a blast!  Then we headed back home and since we were both a little winded and hot I got out the sprinkler and she played in that for a little while.  She was so excited and just kept yelling, "This is Awesome!" or "This is so cool!"  
She doesn't like water in her eyes so she was keeping her eyes shut as much as she could and she was heading over to the swing set to get the little towel to wipe her eyes and since she had her eyes shut she was walking around like a little drunk kid and feel down.  I am such a mean momma because I was laughing my butt off!!  I got the towel for her and she just kept saying, "It's not funny momma!"  Oh, but yes it was!!  She can't wait to play in it again tomorrow!

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