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Monday, April 12, 2010

I did it for the kids!!

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I got my haircut today and was wanting to go a little shorter since it is summer time and I sure did!  Tori cut off 10" of my hair so we could donate it to Locks of Love .  I am so glad that I could do that since it is such a great organization.  I haven't had my hair cut this short in over 18 years!!  My hubby doesn't really like short hair so I really hope he doesn't freak out too much.  At least the front is a little longer.  I love it though!!  Tori did a great job!!!  I just love it when she does my hair!!  It's been almost a year since she has cut it last or since I have even gotten it cut so it was def. time!  So nice to feel the breeze on my neck!!  Washing it is gonna be so much better!  I'm gonna have to remember I only need half the shampoo and conditioner I used before!!  Saves money that way too!  Bonus!

So here you go, here's the pictures.  Yeah, guess I should have put on a better shirt, but was just cleaning around the house before Tori got there so didn't think about it.


Patty said...

love the haircut. looks cool for the warm days.

Nicole said...

Thanks Aunt Patty!! I am loving it too! So easy to wash and it dries so fast! It was a big shock to Shane though, gonna take him awhile to get used to it.

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