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Monday, May 24, 2010

Can you come to my Ballet?

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Today was another great day!  We have such an amazing little girl and she comes up with some really cute stuff.  She was outside talking on her little cellphone and then she started to call people and ask them if they could come to her ballet.  So cute!  (Wish our little town had dance classes ]: )
Although her little ballet was a short one it was very cute!  She is such a little princess now, making sure her hair is cute, she has her lip gloss on so she can be pretty and mommy's sunglasses.  Oh and now she really loves to pick out her clothes.  (She has been doing that for awhile now but since I rearranged her closet she really loves to pick out her clothes.)  The skirt she is wearing was a halter dress I made her last year, and yes I know it isn't matching the top but like I said....  and she loves those little dress shoes and wants to wear them all the time! 
It was just a beautiful, stress free day!  A great day to count our blessings!


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