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Monday, May 3, 2010

Finally a beautiful day!!

Pin It Today has been so beautiful outside!  Finally the 30 mph winds are gone.  Spent too much of the morning inside cleaning though and actually got Maddie to take a nap, she was actually asking for one, so I decided to join her.  She usually doesn't take them anymore, which some days that's just fine but other days I  am really needing it!
The cleaning of the house was a big fight today though. She told me she couldn't do it because it was too hard.  I just told her if she could bring all the stuff out here then she could pick it all up.  That just instigated a bunch of screams, No's, raspberries and I hate you's.  Only 3 years old and already getting the I hate you's.  I just tell her good, then I must be doing something right and that I still love her!  Then she has a time out and comes back and apologizes.  At least she apologizes.  
Been trying to do the time outs more now since it seems like she has been controlling this house instead of us.  Used to give in just so I didn't have to listen to her screaming and crying but that's not going to teach her anything!  Also told her that if she doesn't stop telling me no and doesn't help clean up her toys and room then she won't be getting her allowance. (Yeah she already get an allowance, just trying to teach her she can't always get everything she wants, she has to work for them)  She didn't like that idea too well so we will see.  Even though she didn't like the idea of losing her allowance she still kept acting up today.  It was like a giant roller coaster ride today.  So worn out!!
The only thing that went well was when we worked outside in the flower beds.  We did play with some blocks until she got mad because I wouldn't turn the TV on (that is another fight we have been having too, trying to limit her TV watching) and started throwing the blocks around the house and then telling me she hates me again.  Another time out and fit and then she was fine. 
Guess this whole week or so is gonna be like that until she learns that she has to do what mommy & daddy do which is clean up after themselves.  Lord give me strength!! 

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