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Friday, May 28, 2010

It's summer time!!

Pin It We have finally gotten the pool up but it is still filling up as I type so hopefully we will be able to enjoy it this weekend!!!  Shane has next week off too so that will be so nice!  Maddie has been waiting so long for that pool to get put up!  I know this year she will really enjoy it, she had a lot of fun with it last year but now that she is a little older I am hoping she will really enjoy it!  

Today our library was having a party to kick off their Summer Reading Program, Make a Splash, Read!  Maddie had a lot of fun!  They had some games, water balloon toss and sand castle building and even a live band.  She didn't want to come home!!  So thankful for our library doing so much for all of us!  In June they will be doing something pretty much everyday!!!  I can't wait!  It will be so nice to have something for us to do in this little town.  They are even going to have a little petting zoo type thing on one of the days, a mad science show on another and lots of crafts plus they are still doing the story time too!  She is so excited!!

She was so excited about the pirate ship!  She loves pirates!  They are making a treasure chest one of the days in June, have to make sure we go to that!!
                 Ms. Sam, our wonderful Story Time reader!!  Love her!!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Weekend and remember those they have lost and the soldiers that have fought and died to keep us safe and give us the freedom we have!!


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