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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cute Button Rings!

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Since Maddie loves rings I have been thinking of making our own.  I found some really cute links to some creative ideas on making rings from buttons.  Love them and can't wait to get the stuff to do some this weekend!!
Here's a few of the sites I found some ideas on!
The Creative Crate
Craft Gossip
Beading Gem


varunner said...

Sorry you had some 'political' traffic yesterday. Ugh.
Love the button rings. Pierce and I made some fun button magnets to put pictures on the fridge. They're easy - just get that sticky magnet stuff and some fun buttons and you're set.

Nicole said...

That sounds like a cute idea! Easy and cheap too!! Gotta love that!

Thanks... Yeah and all I was doing was just trying to say, "Hey this is interesting, did you know?" lol
Wasn't sure if I should delete the 2 comments or just leave them. Don't like people arguing but it is their right to say whatever...

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