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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Pin It I guess I should have remembered why people never talk politics or religion anymore.  I didn't really mean to get stuff started I was just posting a link to something that I found was interesting.  I never knew that the NIV version of the Bible had some verses taken out or just in the footnotes.  I always figured that all versions had all the chapters/verses in them just translated a little different. 
Like I said this is a something that I found interesting not something I was wanting to start an argument over...

On to a different little subject now...  haven't done much lately especially since I burnt my back so bad!  We did go to the library for Story Time and I managed to make it through the whole thing, just had to remember not to lean on anything.  Shirt was still sticking to my back no matter what and feels like I am ripping my skin off every time I pull it off!  Been having Mad put some aloe vera gel on my back as best as she can.  I have to remind her to rub softly though.  It has been helping a little bit but not much.
Mad did enjoy story time and they made a little penguin puppet to go along with the stories she was reading.  (both had penguins as the main character)  She really has a great time at the library!  No pics though, wasn't in the mood.  =( 
Hope everyone has a great day, it's getting closer to the weekend!!!!!


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