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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I finally did it!

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Ok, so it's not perfect but I finally figured out how to make my own background!!  Well, I googled it and found some great sites that had some tutorials on how to do it.  I use Paint Shop Pro Photo XI and have been using that one for about 4 years now so I had to play with it and figure out how to do it because everything was for Photo Shop.  (Still can't figure that one out.  lol) 
Here are the links to the tutorials I used.. YouTube- Teresabelle Designs Tutorial and here is the link to her site.... Teresabelle Designs
Now I have to go and find out what scrapbook stuff I used.  Unfortunately I don't remember where I got them so hopefully it will say in the name or something so I can find them.

Ok, here is the one for the Garden like background I used as the banner that I put Mad in- Juliette Creations

I went and looked at her page but not sure where it is.  I think I actually found it here...Digi Scrap Depot a friend of mine told me about this place and they have a lot of freebies with links to the site to download them.

The ribbon I used on the header and on the side as the border around the posts is Correen Silke by {Computer}Scrapbook.com 

The pink flower paper as the background in the header is from Mamrotka Designs I think it is called Mamrotka_June_p02, anyways that's what it comes up as.  

The frame around in the header is from Digital Scrapbook Place  and I think the name is DSPBirthdayBonus300 

The lighter pink in the middle was just a pink I did, you knew I had to have pink somewhere huh!?!  lol

Ok, I hope I got everyone named from the papers and elements I used.  I hope so!!  

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