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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Maddie's first Camping Trip

Pin It My husband has been off work all this week and it has been great!!  Maddie has really enjoyed him being home and he took her camping on Friday for her very first time.  I let it be a father-daughter thing.  I didn't want to go because they went to Salt Plains and you can't swim there,  (well, guess you could but you wouldn't really want to.) so it didn't sound like much fun to me.  I would rather go when you could swim especially when its 100 degrees out!!  Shane said that Maddie kept asking to come home or go in the house and he kept telling her there wasn't a house to go into.  They did stay and she did have some fun.  They dug for crystals but didn't find any even though they dug pretty deep.  She got to ride Uncle Kevin's horse, there was a band there for them too and also a fishing contest.  
Once the band started playing she really liked it and she asked them to play Johnny Cash.  They played Folsom Prison and dedicated it to her!  She loves Johnny Cash and not sure if that is because when I was pregnant I used to listen to it a lot, it even used to calm her down if we played it when she was a baby.
Today was was the fishing contest and she is always wanting to go fishing but today she wanted to quit after only 5 min.  Shane told her she needed to stay and fish, her cousin went with them, so she decided to stay.  Good thing she did because she won a prize.  It was just a door prize but Shane said when they called her name she jumped up and yelled, "That's me, I'm Maddie!  I won!!!"  Shane said she ran around the pond screaming that until she got her prize.  It was a bag full of lures and fishing line and other little stuff.  She was so happy!!!
All in all I think she had a great time despite the heat.  Poor Shane said she was so cranky and a little bored at times.  All she wanted to do was ride the horse all day.  He said that she rode it for about an hour before they finally got her off of it.  As soon as she came in she showed me her prize that she won.  
I am glad that she had a great time but doubt they will be doing that for awhile.  I enjoyed my quiet Friday and Friday night, got to sleep in today too, it was so nice!  I rented Avatar, since Shane would never rent it, and it was pretty good.  I was so happy to have some quiet time at home.  Once she was home and showed me her prize she went straight for her nail polish so she could polish her nails.  Not sure what else she did but she started throwing some big fit about something and cried for about 30 min.  Ok, well, she screamed, yelled, kicked stuff, slammed doors and cried.  How sad that I can't even remember what set her off.  Since she did that she has to wait an extra week to get her bike.  She was going to get it next week but now it will be in two weeks.  She wasn't too happy about that but she needs to learn.

Here she is looking for crystals with her cousin Dayla and Whiteneck

A daughter of one of the guys that was there for the Trail Ride.  Shane said she loved Maddie and would carry her all over.  lol

                                Maddie riding the horse 



Mysticiris said...

Such a beautiful Blog!

Oh and congrats on your blog award from Two Bears and a Farm Blog! It's how I found your blog! I enjoyed visiting it today! =) happy blogging!

Nicole said...

Thank you so much!!
Wow I didn't even realize I got nominated for that!! How neat! Hmmm.. Now I have to try to find 15... lol I am so surprised!

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