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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a long week (and lots of pics)

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My husband has been on vacation this week and so that means we have been doing a lot of stuff. Monday we had a great time cooking out at a friends house and then Maddie had her first sleep over with a friend that night. She came home on Tues and we headed out to visit with her great grandma. That is about a hour and half drive so of course she feel asleep on the way there and then on the way back. She had a great time visiting with great g'ma and we decided to go up to the farm house and take some pictures. There are some really cute ones!

Today we went up to the library for Story Time and Emily and her sister Presley came back home with us after that. Then we played here for a bit and went back up to the library for the Critter Tales. They had a guy there with some cute little animals. They really enjoyed that. Came home and swam for an hour and then had a sorbet break then back in the pool for about 2 more hours! They wore me out today!!

Em is staying the night here tonight, which is Maddie first time having someone stay over here. It went pretty well. Maddie was getting a little cranky about having to share stuff though and I had to keep reminding her that when you have guests over you need be nice and share your stuff with them. I think she has just been going so much the last couple days that she was so tired too. She finally crawled up on Shane's lap and feel asleep around 9:30p so both girls were in bed shortly after that. I am seriously thinking about heading there myself!

Tomorrow is going to be interesting too. More pool time and then we will have to take Em home and I know Mad is going to be throwing a fit about not getting to stay or not having Em come home with us. I really need to get this house clean, being off schedule and going so much I haven't really had a chance.

Here's some cute little pictures for everyone.

                                 Great Grandma and Maddie

                              This is what she had to wear to Story Time

                              Doing the craft at Story Time

                                        Critter Tales pictures


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