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Monday, July 19, 2010

What a great Monday!

Pin It Not very often do I get the chance to say that!!  lol   Mad and I had a good day with her painting and then we worked on a little project.  I will prob post that next week or so.  It's an ABC project that actually got her interested in it. 

We didn't do much today, did some laundry but other than that it was just time spent listening to the radio, dancing, reading, crafts, her doing my hair and playing around.  Oh, of course more swimming and her showing me again how well she can go under water.
Oh yeah, last night she went to bed in her undies but when I turned on the radio she ran to her room and came out dressed like this! 

Yes that's underwear on her head!  Silly girl!!!

 Had to stop to put on lip gloss and bracelets

Wardrobe change!!

Shane came home and had some little surprises for Mad.  He got her some cute new sneakers and a pair of boots.  They were both on the clearance isle for $5 a piece!!  She is in a size 11 already almost 12!  The sneakers are an 11 and the boots are a 12 so she can wear them this winter.  They are so cute!  I love that the sneakers look like they are tied but it is just a big velcro strip so she can put them on by herself!  Big girl!!!  Here's some pictures for ya!!

Wish this one wouldn't have came out blurry, it's so cute though!!


mom said...

Really cute...cherish these days...underwear on the head at 3 is cute...at 16...welllll...lolol.
Glad it was a good time. Love ya

Nicole said...

lol! Yeah hope she doesn't do that at 16!! And yes it was a good day! Love you too!!

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