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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Maddie sure loves her neighbors!

Pin It We try to go walking everyday and we have some neighbors that Maddie really loves.  I used to work with Joe when I was working at Job Corps so at least we kind of knew each other after moving here.  Maddie has really taken to them and takes Laura necklaces she makes.  Poor Laura is so nice and accepts them but I am sure she is getting tired of them.  lol

We picked some more veggies last night and had more than what we were going to eat so I asked Maddie if she would like to take them some.  She was so excited to take them!  I wish I would have taken my camera and gotten a picture of her giving it to them.  Laura was gone and Joe was in the garage working and Maddie got shy all of the sudden hiding behind the basket.  She did stay there and talk with Joe for a bit though.  He was so glad to get them!

These pictures are from our walk before and she was running down the driveway.  

Here she is being silly and falling but of course getting up and taking off again!

Here is the sunflower they gave her at Story Time and she planted and it actually grew.  Looks like the caterpillars or grasshoppers really love it too.
(flower bed is pathetic! That's the part that floods so nothing grows!)


Mary said...

That is so so cute! What a sweetie

Lisa said...

That sunflower is adorable and I am sure your daughter is so proud of her flower. I know Emily was proud of her radishes she grew and they were tasty too.

Nicole said...

Thanks Ladies!!

Oh yeah she is proud of the sunflower and the tomatoes and cucumbers she 'helped' daddy plant! lol She loves picking them too!!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

I think Maddie is probably Joe and Laura's favorite neighbor☺ One that comes bearing gifts of jewelry, vegetables, and such a sweet smile is sure to be loved!

Nicole said...

=) Thank you so much Katie!! Yeah I think they like her too! lol

Nan said...

Your daughter so cute and look healthy. :-)

Nicole said...

=) Thanks Nan!!

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