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Friday, July 9, 2010

Memory Lane Friday- A Game

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This weeks theme is 'A Game'
The most memorable thing that comes to mind is the Atari game Pitfall.  Does anyone remember Atari?  Well we were so excited to get it for Christmas one year and couldn't wait to start playing.
My brother opening up our joint gift.  This was Christmas 1980.  I would have been 5 and my brother was 8

We had that Pong game and then we had Asteroids, Space Wars and several others.  I remember getting Pitfall for our Dad for Father's Day.  He really loved that and so did we!!  It was so funny watching him play it.  I wish we would have had pictures of that!!  Kids now days would laugh at the graphics we had back then!!


varunner said...

We got an Atari when I was 7. I loved Pacman. We never had Pitfall. My younger brother puked on one of the joysticks though. Ick!

Nicole said...

Sorry the last part just made me laugh so hard!!

My brother was 8 in that picture it was around 1980 when we got ours.

Oh yeah, PacMan was the best and Frogger too!!

Patty said...

Oh Nicki!!! Last year we got Ron a retro game. It has PITFALL on it. So funny.

Nicole said...

That is so funny!! I wish we had a game system but we don't have any anymore. Would love to play it again. lol Hope Ron has fun! =)
Have a great weekend!

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