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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a busy weekend!

Pin It Friday night we had another great Game Night.  Maddie was so excited about them coming to our house but once they got here she sure didn't want them to play with her stuff!  Hoping she will get over that soon!  I kept reminding her that she did that to Maddy when she went to her house so it was only fair that Maddy got to look and play with her stuff.  I am hoping it will eventually get a little easier. 
Maddie was so excited to see 'Uncle' Mike again too.  She just attached herself to him all night and left poor Maddy to play all by herself.  Kept trying to get her to go play with M. and she eventually did and they got along great!! 
Come 10p we had them take a bath, well they decided to do a shower, so they washed each others hair and cleaned up.  It was really hard not to take pictures, they were just so cute!!
They finally got ready for bed and M. was brushing Maddie's hair with our old cat brush that we never did use.  Too funny!!
Once the night was over with neither one of them wanted to leave each other so I guess that was a good thing.  Now maybe some weekend we could have a sleep over and they would hopefully get along well together. 

Saturday we didn't do much, Mad actually slept in until 8a!  We cleaned up some, well I cleaned she played, then she climbed in bed with her daddy and the next time I went to check on her she was asleep!  Not sure why I didn't go to sleep too but instead I decided to read some blogs and some of my book. 
Once they woke up we went out to eat and did our normal shopping stuff.  She came home and painted and played with her beads.  She fell asleep on her daddy's lap again too.

Today we are going to Sunday school and church then after that we are going to my MIL's (mother in laws) house for a birthday lunch.  Papa Glenn and Uncle Kevin's birthdays are coming up so we are just doing it together.  Maddie will have so much fun with her cousin too.  They always have a lot of fun together!

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