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Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Saturday!!

Pin It Which means I am being lazy!!  Had game night Friday night but since I usually do these the night before then I can't really write about that, plus the weekend will be extra busy with family stuff... so I found this cute little idea from No Time For Flash Cards

Picture courtesy of No Time For Flash Cards
Alphabet Cookies!!  Aren't they cute!  What a creative way to help them learn and then they can have a yummy treat afterwards!
Here's the link again.....  No Time For Flash Cards


varunner said...

Those must've really been a hit (course any cookies are always a hit in my house!)

Nicole said...

They were! She loves making cookies!! Of course all of them end up frosted with something though. Which is kind of a good thing, I'm not big on frosting so it keeps me from eating them!

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