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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Maddie's Trip

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Ms. Maddie got to go with her Aunt and Uncle to Iowa.  They left Thursday around 6p and stayed in Salina.  She did pretty well, got scared a little at bedtime but Aunt Tracy rubbed her back and Dayla ended up sleeping with her. lol 
This morning she had put some more pictures on FB for me.  Not for sure where exactly they were at but it looked like she (they) were having a great time!!!  I am so glad she is having a great time and is getting to see some different places.  I miss her already!  lol
 Here are some of the pictures they have taken for me.

On her way
at Red Lobster

saying goodnight to mommy and daddy

playing before heading off for Iowa
So glad Aunt Tracy's phone takes great pictures!!
Think she is doing well, talked to her in the afternoon on Friday and she was telling me about the slide and the buffalo and the bike.  lol  Will be calling her later today to see how she is so if there anything exciting I will post it on Sunday for everyone.  Missing my baby girl!!
I still got up at 7:30a Friday and just layed in bed trying to go back to sleep but couldn't.  Got my bible and went back to bed to read in quiet.  Even tried to take a nap Friday afternoon but still couldn't do that!  House clean, tired of reading and was almost bored!
Then once she gets back I will be saying I have no time to myself!  Go figure!


Andrea (ace1028) said...

Super cute pictures! Good for you for letting her go! My little one is only 3-1/2, and I can't even imagine, but I know the day will come.

Do you create your own buttons and stuff for your blog? It's great stuff - super cute, just wanted to let you know!

Nicole said...

It was hard to let her go. Mad is only 3 1/2 too. But I wanted her to be able to see her great g'ma and have some memories of her and the aunts and uncles from up there. We don't get there that often.

Yeah, I made my 2 buttons for this blog and the other one. =) Thanks for the compliment!

Mary said...

Looks like she is having fun! And what cool bunk beds :)

Thank you so much for your sweet comment yesterday. And thank you for your prayers as we are packing and getting ready to move! Have a great weekend Nicole

Nicole said...

I know I love those beds. Mad got scared and Dayla had to sleep with her that night.

Haven't had anymore pics sent to me since then. =( She is doing well and has a bucket of rocks for her 'Shane' lol (which is her dad)

You are so welcome Mary!! Hope you have a great weekend too! Still praying for you! =)

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