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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rambling Thursday

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Wow, my daughter is a total nut bag!!  =)   She had been going non stop all week long and just been so silly and weird!  The other day we were in Walgreens and she told me that her butt itched and the next thing I know she is on the floor scooting around scratching her butt!!  Had to hurry up and get her to the bathroom before everyone else saw her!!
Then this morning she told me the same thing, I just said, 'well go get a wipe and clean it!' I look over and she has her nightgown pulled up, no stinking undies on, and is rubbing her butt up and down on the door frame!!!! UGH!!  Had to go get her to clean herself while I cleaned the door frame. (not like she had poop all over but you know how a 3 year old can still have a nasty stinky butt!) I did laugh my butt off first!  Too bad I didn't get a picture of that, it would have came in handy as bribe material when she is a teenager!!!  ;)

We were getting ready to go to the library today and she came out of her room and said she was ready, this is what she had on....
Then she added the belt and had to go show our friend that gave us the batman outfit.  lol

She told me she was 'Bad Girl' not Bat Girl but Bad Girl!  You never know what she will come out of her room wearing!  She's gonna have a melt down once she has to go to school because she will be so used to being able to wear whatever she wants to!

She is going to be gone the rest of the week too.  She is going to go with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin to Iowa to see her Great Grandma and G. Aunt & Uncle's.  We went last year but weren't going to make it this year and since K & T were going this week she is going to go with them.  This will be the first time she has been away from us for this long.  The longest is usually Friday afternoon and Sat and we get her on Sun.  I hope she does well for them because it's not like we will be able to just come and get her!

She is really excited about it though so I think that she will do really well!  Don't think I will miss her much until Sat, then I will want her back!  It will be too quiet without her.  At least I will be able to get the house clean and it will actually stay clean for a few days!  That will be nice!!
Well, guess that is it for this long ramble.  Hope everyone has a good day!!


varunner said...

She's a cute bat girl!

Nicole said...

Yes she is!! You never know if she is going to be a princess, a pirate or now Bat Girl! lol

Home In The Hollow said...

I just LOVE her dimples! ...:)JP

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