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Friday, October 1, 2010

Freaky Maddie

Pin It There are so many days that Maddie still talks about 'uncle' Randy.  Telling everyone that he died and that mommy and daddy were really sad.

Thursday she was talking about him again.  She said, " 'uncle' Randy had bad teeth." (unfortunately he did)  I asked her how she remembered that because he hadn't been here in a long time.  She said, "The last time we went and saw him at his house." That was around May when we saw him. 

Then she said she also remembered from when he was here last.  I asked if she was sure because, like I said before, that was a long time ago.  She said, "Remember, I had my Eeyore basket and he was eating Crabby Patties with me!" 

WOW!!  That was over a year ago!  Last time he was out was Easter weekend 2009, the weekend we found out dad had cancer. (Praise the Lord he is in remission now!)  That is amazing that she could remember that!  She was only a little over 2 at that time!!  What a memory on that girl!!!

This is just another little weird thing she said.  The other day we were out back and she wanted to go pick some cherry tomatoes.  (we still had a few left)  She found a good one and it was really small.  I told her to just pop it in her mouth and she said, "No, I'm gonna make a slit and suck out the juice."  I laughed and said, "What?"  She said, "See, I make a slit, then I suck out it's blood!"  again I said, "What!?!"  "I like to drink its blood!"  Well alright then!!  lol  What a weird little girl!  Not really sure where she gets that from! =)


Tiggeriffic said...

It's very interesting what little children remember ~ I always wished now that my children (4) that are grown, that I had written down all the funny things they did and said..
So I'm doing it with my grandson, Ben who is 3 1/2.. Now that his mom and dad are divorced ~ he tells us things about what goes on at his Dad's house. Dave asked him the last night,, Do you like to come to our house..and he says,, 'Yes'. Do you like to go to daddy's house. Yes..Do you like to go to Mommies house and he says "NO'.. Dave said "Who told you that..?" Ben says Grandma Joanne.. his other gramma.. :( that made me sad..
But Ben tells us funny things about pre-school and it makes us laugh. He is very smart..

Nicole said...

Thanks for stopping by!!
It is amazing the things kids remember and what they come up with! I am always laughing at what she says. Sadly I can't remember them all, I think I need to carry around a tape recorder and record her every day!
Have a great weekend! (sent you an email too)

A Daddy Blog said...

I'm constantly amazed (and slightly frightened) by what our two year old retains from passing events or comments. Their little brains are sponges. I'd say she takes after me, but I have a brain like a steel sieve. As for the blood sucking comment, I suppose on a kid level that makes sense. If she's seen someone (or herself) get cut she knows there's red stuff called blood inside; so the connection to the stuff inside of a tomato isn't so strange... unless she wants to start sleeping in a box during the day... then stock up on garlic and crosses.

Nicole said...

LOL! Let's hope no boxes but wouldn't mind if she sometimes slept during the day!!

Very true about how she figured that out. She knows what happens when you get cut, she's done it and seen it from us. (yeah we are accident prone around here!)

As for what they soak up.... It is amazing!! and it never seems to be what you want them to soak up either!! Mad's a stubborn one on the ABC's but she will remember some other crazy stuff!

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