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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Afternoon Butt Tricks

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so I am sure you want to know how this came about?  I would really like to know too!  I have no earthly idea where she got that saying from! 
We were laying on the bed and playing, she had spilled her fruity pebbles on her clothes so she was only in her undies, any ways… her dad was flying her around and tossing her on the bed and then she stuck her butt up in the air, pulled her undies down to ‘moon’ us and proceeded to say, “It’s time for afternoon butt tricks!” 
What in the world!?!?!  Where did you get that from Maddie?  From Little Bill she said.  Umm… I seriously doubt that.  lol   I told her, although it was too stinking cute, that she didn’t need to be doing that or saying that.  I don’t want people thinking we sit around and do ‘afternoon butt tricks’  everyday.  My child is really really weird!!
Here’s some pictures of my weird child!
yes that is a hot dog between her toes!
and yes, that’s her underwear on her head!

1 comment:

Tiggeriffic said...

Afternoon butt tricks..too funny.
I like the picture of your daughter with the big glasses on with her fancy bracelets..
OHHHH and the hotdog between the toes.. that is way to funny..
Enjoyed your blog today as usual you have lots of humor,,I think that is where your daughter gets all her funnies... ta ta for now from Iowa..

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