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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Freaking Barney!

Pin It Yeah, you read that right!  lol   This came from Ms. Mad the other day.  I was on the phone and Maddie came up to me and told me Barney was over and she wanted to watch it again so I went to restart it.
I was explaining to the person I was talking to that I have tried everything to get Maddie interested in her ABC’s.  Been playing LeapFrog Factory for the past 2 years now, doing flash cards, other things like that, computer games and books.  She didn’t care and wouldn’t even really try.  Even with me signing the ABC song she didn’t care!  So I told them that it took 20 year old ‘freaking Barney’ to get her interested!
(We got Netfilx awhile back and Barney Animal ABC’s was on there so I decided to give it a try.  She loved it!! and is always wanting to watch it!)
 freaking barney
Last night we were in our room playing on the bed and she told her dad that she knows her ABC’s now thanks to ‘freaking Barney’!  She is such a nut!!  I then asked her if she would count to 5 for her daddy.  She just said ‘5’  I laughed and then said, “No, count to 5” so her little smart butt says, “2, 5”   Man is she ever like her daddy!! 
She also came up with another cute little saying and I have NO idea where that one came from… that is for tomorrow’s post. Smile


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