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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall Tree t-shirt

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So if you saw yesterday’s Turkey shirt post then you are here to see what I did with the scraps!  Winking smile  Right?  OK, if not then thanks for just stopping by!
Here is what I did with the scraps of from her hand cut outs.  I made a Fall Tree for her with the scraps.  I also had a few Owls left over that I got from a friend of mine, I’ll talk about her tomorrow, that Mad just had to add because they had flowers on the belly. 


It was so quick and easy until I decided to go ahead and stitch around the edges of these too, by hand!  I used the sewing machine to go around the hands and that was a pain so I just thought, “hey, hand stitching, that will be easier”…. well it was easy but it took forever!  I worked on it from about 6p until midnight and then I still had a little left over to do in the morning!  WOW!  It took forever and my poor fingers are so sore!  I couldn’t imagine making a whole dress or outfit like this!  Thank God I was born in the age of the sewing machine!!
and a few more pictures for you!
this one is blurry but I love it!

OH and look what I found in my email this morning!~
Congratulations!  You have been featured on Bloggers!
I'm on of the blogs chosen as the 'Editor's Pick'   
I'm so flattered!


A Daddy Blog said...

Hey there, Nicole. I love what you did with the scraps. I've done a bit of hand sewing (I was a single guy for a long time and had to fix stuff), but can't imagine how long that must have taken. Hope the sore fingers are feeling better. Oh, and congrats on the recognition. That's cool, and much deserved. I don't blog nearly as often as I like. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Nicole said...

Thanks so much! At least you actually sewed, single or not! lol Yes it did take a lot, I'm just glad it was already ironed on too so I didn't have to do it so intricately. Fingers are finally doing better.

If I didn't stay home all day I wouldn't have much time to blog either. It's usually after she goes to bed though that I do finally get a chance to write but barely have time to visit my favs though but it was an honor to be picked!

Like you said on your comment on your blog, it is a busy time of year! Especially when I am trying to make a lot of the gifts this year too.

I hope the rest of your weekend goes well to and you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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