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Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby Love Blankies

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baby love blankies

My wonderful friend, Jaime,  that I met in a pregnancy forum years ago, has this wonderful shop on Etsy.  She is the one that I got the owls from on the Fall T-shirt I posted about yesterday.  She has some amazing stuff so you should really go and check her out!  Just in time for some Christmas shopping too!! 

Here’s another picture of the owl’s I did awhile back.

I Spy Bag
She also has these cute little “I Spy Bags” That are a lot of fun and great for the kiddo’s in the car and at church!  Maddie loves hers!! She also has some really cute 'Boo Boo' Bags!  (couldn't find the pic of Mad with hers)

Here’s some pics of some other appliques I got from her.

Thanks for looking and don’t forget to go and check Jaime out!! 


Tiggeriffic said...

I love the spy bags...Ben always needs something to peek inside and pull out and be busy. I made up a bag similar to this for children in our church.. When a mom is having trouble with their toddler I just give her one of these bags and the child is then interested in pulling out the things I have in this bag. crayons, paper - snacks- stickers - a small book ect. Last week I put in one of those purse size kleenex packages.. The child had fun just taking the kleenex one by one out of the pkg.. Mom was so grateful... Ta Ta For Now annieptigger@aol.com from Iowa.

varunner said...

She's always dressed so spunky! :-)

Nicole said...

Thanks so much ladies!!!!

Debbie said...

That owl shirt is too cute!

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