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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lets build a race car!

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Shane found this neat little car that they had to put together.  They painted it pink of course, well mainly because we already had that color.  They also had to basically build the thing too.  It has gears in it and is battery powered too.  It’s really fast!!
Maddie had a great time ‘helping’ out her daddy but of course he had to build most of it.  Once it was done she loved how fast it went!  When it bumps into something it will just turn around and go again.  It is pretty cool!  She loves her race cars!! 
Showing it off before adding the decals

Daddy helping her with the decals

Putting on more stickers decals

She is so proud of it!!


Sparkling Mimi said...

It's Pink!!! The perfect color for a female racer...I justlove that!

Angela said...

That is just so precious. She is so adorable. What a lovely activity for daddy and daughter.

gemini said...

Daddy's girl forever...love the time spends with the both of them. Congratulations goes to daddy.

A Daddy Blog said...

Daddy's little helper. I love it. And she does look so proud of "her" creation. Hope you all are having a great weekend. We're recuperating from our travel today before I head back to work.

Grace Matthews said...

That's the sweetest thing.

Fellow Blog Hopper:)

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