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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shutterfly is great!!

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I have always liked Shutterfly, they always have great deals and I also use them for a share site too. They are offering a great deal for bloggers so I am sure you might have read something like this before but I just had to share too.
I use them to upload and save my pictures, have ordered regular prints and several of their photo books too.  Today I am going to talk about there wonderful Christmas cards they have.  They have some really beautiful ones!   I haven’t bought any of theirs because I usually make my own 4x6 picture to send out to everyone but this wonderful offer was too good to pass up!!  Don't forget to also check out their wonderful selection of calendars!  I have ordered one of those years ago though.  It was beautiful!
They have a ton of great designs to choose from too.  Here are a few of my favorite ones.  Had to narrow it down because of course I love them all!!  They have way too many cute ones!!  So hard to choose!

So now I have to figure out which one we are going to use.  Like I said that is a VERY hard decision for me.   I do know that no matter what I pick it will be beautiful.  There stuff is always of great quality and their service is so wonderful!
They are doing a wonderful deal for bloggers.  You will have to check it out!  Thank you so much Shutterfly and Merry Christmas to you!!!

Head on over to Shutterfly and check it out!!!


Jill said...

Love these....was just trying to decide what to do for cards this year ~ your post has inspired me to get it done! :)

Nicole said...

Glad I could help you out! Once you go to their site though they have so many more to inspire you!

Jamie said...

Did Shutterfly for the first time this year. Now wondering why on earth it took me this long...?

Nicole said...

They are great huh!?! And have a ton of stuff to do at such great prices!!

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