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Friday, December 3, 2010

I have to tell Santa

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Maddie keeps telling us that she wants this or that, anything and everything she sees on TV.  We keep reminding her that she has to be good to get her presents and she also has to tell Santa.  We told her she would have to tell him herself this year but one of us would go with her.  (The last 2 years she hasn’t wanted to ‘talk’ to Santa) So this year we went back to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa.  She did really well and told him she wanted a Dr. Doggy for Christmas.  He said, “Well, that’s the first one I have heard this year”  lol  Guess not many ask for Dr. Doggy’s.  We found her one with a little ‘kennel’ and some vet equipment with it.  She had been asking for a Princess bike forever so we figured that would be what she told Santa she wanted but she switched it up on us!  Just glad we had already gotten it! (and yes she is getting the Princess Bike too!)


Here’s the little ‘Dr. Doggy’ we got her


Here she is with Santa this year!!  (of course the one year I don’t dress her up cute she sits on his lap!)


We were so proud of her!  She was so cute because she said, “I was a big girl, he didn’t scare me this year!  Are you proud of me?”  She is too funny!!

Here’s just a few more pictures from her adventure at Santa’s Wonderland



This is one of her favorite things to do there.  She loves to shoot! lol  Such a Tomboy!





Running the train



She loves to go to Bass Pro Shops just too look at the fish and the mounted animals! 


Angela said...

Oh she looks so adorable in al the pics...the last one of her daddy is just gorgeous. I have seen those dogs before..a few of my daycare children had them ...

varunner said...

What an excellent Santa pic. Sounds like she's going to have a great Christmas!

Tiggeriffic said...

My grandgirls in Illinois have these Dr. Doggie's . They have guinea pigs and put their pigs in the carrier and carry them around.
It wouldn't matter if your little girl was all dressed up to see Santa, she is beautiful in everything she wears.. Great picture of Santa.. She loves to shoot? can you shoot guns at this place. I don't think we have this store in our area of Iowa. It looks like a great place. My boys would of loved this store.
ta ta for now from Iowa

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