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Friday, March 4, 2011

Encourage One Another

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My aunt introduced me to this new blog, Testify, and I just wanted to join in on their new meme.  I am liking their blog and love that they are from Oklahoma too!
They have started a new meme and I just thought I would join in..

Today's question:
Please share with us your life verse or a verse or  2, from the Bible, that has really spoken to you. Tell us how that verse has touched your heart and life.
Well… I don’t have just one verse.  I don’t know, maybe I just haven’t listened well enough for my life verse but I do have a lot of them that really speak to me and move me.  I would love to find that life verse though!  Will have to do some praying on that one!
When I decided to start my other blog, Coming Alive in Christ… these are the two verses that really spoke to me.  Shouted out at me!  So.. here’s my old banners!  Smile
  This was the first verse that came to me after I prayed about what to name my blog. 
dancing banner
this is the other one that I got…. so I would just change up the verses from time to time

and an extra one because I really love this verse too!!


Katie of Testify said...

Oh I LOVE the thought of being ALIVE once you have Christ! I love the picture you posted above too..it just screams "I'm ALIVE"!

Thank you for joining up with us today over at Testify!

Nicole said...

Thank you!! When I rededicated in July that picture is exactly how I felt, and still do, so then I just needed to find a name and after praying and looking through my Bible the first one is what came to me first. Then I found the second one.. love them both!!

Thanks for letting me join!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Hi Nicole!
I am delighted that you chose to join us today! Isn't it amazing the way God takes us from sin and death to vibrant life in that one moment of surrender! I love your verse choices and that picture is amazing!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I've always liked that picture very much.

Julie said...

What a great name for a blog! Love those verses!

Thanks for joining us today!

Nicole said...

That's how I felt after I rededicated my life. It was like I had just been born! Hmm. guess I was just being reborn! :)

Was happy to join in Julie! Will be adding another link to it tomorrow. :)

Lindsay Blogs said...

I think you can definitely have more than one "life verse!" Plus, they all say basically the same thing - God loves you no matter what. Quite a powerful group of life verses if you ask me.

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