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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crafty Tuesday

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Crafty Tuesday 2
Crafty Tuesday is going to be a little different now.  If you want to join in feel free but I have been having problems with my linky tools and I am not going to be paying for them especially when my blog isn’t that big and only one person usually links up… so, if you would like to join in please leave a comment and I can just add your link at the bottom of the post.  Thanks!!!

The other day I ordered some yarn on Etsy.  It was some mohair yarn that I have been wanting to try.  I haven’t ever used it before and it is so nice and soft!  I love it!!
The main reason I got it is because I have been wanting to try some of the brushed Amigurumi that I keep seeing out there.  This was my first time doing it and I wasn’t sure how it would come out.  Mad really likes it though!!  I just made up my own pattern, hopefully I will post the pattern later, nothing out of the ordinary though.
oh, I used this tutorial from Roxycraft
So… here’s the pink crazy haired monster!!
I only had an old hair brush and that is what I used.   I need to get something else I think though.


Jill said...

Very cute....you have been so busy! I've been MIA for a few weeks ~ did you discontinue the linky? Happy Crafty Tuesday! =)

Nicole said...

Oh... sorry about that. I forgot to add it. They are all frustrating me because it won't show the links when anyone joins in. :(

Understand being busy, I can add your link if you would like.

Jill said...

Thank you ~ I totally understand it not being worth the hassle! If it's too much trouble, don't continue just for me!!

A Daddy Blog said...

That's so cute. Hadn't heard of the, but then I'm not that crafty. LOL. Love the new look of your blog!

Nicole said...

Hey stranger!! Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I haven't visited in a while.

Yeah, this is my new obsession. lol Thanks for the comment on the blog too.

Hope you are all doing well!!

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