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Friday, August 26, 2011

{Maddie’s first week of PreK}

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Maddie started PreK last Friday so this week was her first full week of school.  She started out doing pretty well, ready to go, eager to go and then the more the week went on the less she wanted to go.  I would drop her off in the classroom and she would stand in front of the door, arms and legs stretched out trying to block it! 

I am hoping she will get a little better because I don’t like seeing her almost in tears.  Although… as smart as she is she probably figures I would probably give in like I do sometimes when she is crying.  Yeah, I need to stop that, so this is the perfect time to start!  lol


Here’s the pics I took of her every morning before school this week.  Cell pics so they aren’t always the best


Oh, and notice how the first 2 pictures have a real authentic smile… the last ones she is forcing it!











Tiggeriffic said...

Ben started Pre-School for 4 year olds and he did great the first 2 days.. Yesterday he got 2 time outs..for not listening. He told me he is going to be careful today.. He doesn't like that chair..
Maddie looks so cute and changes in little ones lives are hard. She loves her Mama..Children grow up so fast..Cherish these days.. My youngest is now 40 and I wonder where those years went..Thanks be to God he gave us Grandchildren...
Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Master Blogger said...

This little girl is going to be a star, I see it in her eyes, keep on teaching her the good things.

Zero Dramas

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