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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

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I know I haven’t been posting lately.. sorry about that.  I haven’t even really been on the computer much the past 2 days!  I didn’t even get on until 9p tonight!  Ok.. so I checked some emails from my phone but that was it.. just emptying the junk out of it.

I have been really busy making up some more coffee cozies for one of our local coffee shops!  A friend of mine, that works in a salon, has let me put some of my stuff in the shop.  Another stylist bought one of my cozies and goes to the coffee shop a lot.  They saw it and asked where she got it and said they wanted to see what all I had!  I was shocked!  They are doing it as kind of a consignment.  I hope they will sell!  I want to call everyday to see if any have sold but I don’t want to bother them either.  lol  I am taking up some more I made tomorrow.   I would have made more but then I started on something else.. which I want to share soooo badly but can’t right now, and then that snowballed into some more stuff.  I am so excited since 2 of them are patterns I just came up with.. and of course didn’t write down.  I have to start writing them down!!

All I did on yesterday and today was clean and crochet.  When my wrist started hurting I took a break to clean then got right back at it.

Here’s some pics of some of the coffee cozies I made… the pretty bright ones I didn’t get pictures of and these are more of the fall color ones.



And here is a sneak peak of what I have been doing.  Winking smile





My poor blanket is so lonely.. just waiting for me to finish it and give it some lovin’!



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Patty said...

congrats on your cozies!! They will sell great.

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