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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crochet cellphone holder

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I have been wanting something for my phone that I could also carry my license and debit card with.  I have seen a few purses like it but I wanted to crochet something up.  This is just a real quick one and my first one.  I will be making it a little better.  Need to get some little metal u-shaped things, (not sure the official name) so that I can make a strap and either wear it around my neck or make the strap shorter and clip it to that.  I just didn’t have any.  So here is my first pattern and rough draft of it.  I have never shared one of my written patterns because I usually forget to write them down or I just don’t know how to write it.  So… bare with me as I share this.  If you have any questions I hope I can answer them for you!  (sorry only have pics of finished case)


  • I used an H hook and sugar and cream yarn


  • Bag pieces
  • 1. Chain 13
  • 2. sc in 2nd chain from hook, and sc across, ch 1 turn(12)
  • 3. Sc in each stitch, ch1 turn
  • 4.  Continue row 3 until it measures about 10 in long.  Once you get done I folded it in half to sew it together.  So you are just sewing up the sides, with the panel below sewed in between one side.



  • Outside panel
  • For the outer panel, I chained 15 and then used the pattern for above to know how long to make it.
  • Put the panel piece between the two outer piece sides and sc together or slip stitch together.
  • Then I added a border of sc around the outer panel and the top of the bag. To help it look better where you stitched it together
  • Add a loop to the outside of the bag, wherever you want and add a button to the panel piece.
  • On the inside, since I didn’t want it too bulky I just cut some felt the size of the panels, with a another piece tall enough for my license and debit card, and stitched it to the bag.
  • Add your strap, wherever and however you want.

That’s about it.

Mine is really tight but I know it will stretch. I would rather have it too tight than too loose.  I will probably add a strap to the top once it loosens up a bit. 

Hope you like the pattern and can understand it!


I didn’t have felt to match the pink I used so I used the closest color I had, then I didn’t have embroidery thread to match that pink so I just used the neon green to match the bag.  I have used it for about a week and so far the felt hasn’t stretched too much, which is what I was worried about.  Don’t want to lose either one of those card!!  Maybe if I do put a strap on the top for the phone it will also help those to not fall out.  Might add a flower to it with a snap to make it a little prettier…

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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Talented is what I say again...never thought of covering my cell

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