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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Crafty Tuesday

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Crafty Tuesday 2
Welcome to Crafty Tuesday!  Crafty Tuesday is to share with others your craftiness, either with things you have made (craftiness or baking because that’s crafty too!) little ideas on fun things with the kids or something cute you have found that you would like to make!  Please feel free to link up and take the button in the sidebar on the right hand side!  Thanks!!!

A little late posting this today but at least its here…
Haven’t been doing much lately besides the norm.  

Here’s a little peek at what I have been doing… my hubby is calling me an old lady now!  lol


I am not much of an embroiderer but I am slowly learning.  It’s kind of addictive and therapeutic too.  Love hearing the pop of the needle go through and the sliding of the thread as it goes through the material on the hoop!  I have so many I want to do and not enough time in between crocheting and everything else.

This is what I am doing with some of the ones I am making. 

photo (1)

They are doing pretty well at the Coffee Shop though so I guess they are good enough! lol  

Sooo.... what are you doing?


Cami said...

"True Love"
how CUTE! :) Love it.

I'm an old lady too, don't worry ;)

Happy Tuesday!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Mary said...

Love the java jackets! I hope you hav a great day :)

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