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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crafty Tuesday

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Crafty Tuesday 2
Welcome to Crafty Tuesday!  Crafty Tuesday is to share with others your craftiness, either with things you have made (craftiness or baking because that’s crafty too!) little ideas on fun things with the kids or something cute you have found that you would like to make!  Please feel free to link up and take the button  from the pages above !  Thanks!!!
I can’t remember but I think it was a couple of years ago we were searching for some Halloween masks to print up and make.  Most of you know my daughter loves cats and loves to even crawl around like them and sometimes licks herself like a cat… yeah.. still, at almost 5, she will lick herself!

Anyway.. here is a pic of the mask we made, and honestly I thought it was long gone, but Mad came out of her room with it one morning and insisted on wearing it to school.  So… for the past few weeks, at least once a week, she will wear it to school and then have me bring it home.  She’s a silly one!

photo (3)

see… here’s the pics of her crawling around like a cat and licking herself!  Goofball!  But I love her!

I can’t share what I have been making lately since Christmas is just around the corner Smile

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Mary said...

Ha those pictures are cute! I hope you and the fam are doing well :)

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