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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

File Folder Heaven

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I know I’ve been quiet lately but just been busy.  Christmas, then a week later Mad’s birthday.  Now just trying to get some things done around here..

A while back I was thinking of making some quiet books.  Then I ran across these cool file folder games which were so much easier!   I found a lot of them at File Folder Heaven (and their FB page) and some of them here at Mormon Chic’s site.

My mom got me this wonderful laminator for Christmas so I used that to do most of the stuff with but the folders wouldn’t fit in the sheets so I headed to the library.  So cheap!  I added velcro to mine so that she can do it in the car and not lose them.

Her teacher also does these at school and will send them home if you request them.  I asked her where she got hers from and she said that they had books where they got theirs.  She was so nice and let me borrow them!  I got a few out of there too.  Now I just need to scan some so I will have them to do later. 

Maddie is actually really liking them and having fun with them.  I pray that she keeps liking them and will continue to do them.  Some of them took some work to do so I would hate to think I did all that work for nothing!!

Here’s some pics of the ones I did.. ignore the bad handwriting and the nasty folders.  Had them laying around for 15 years now. lol

This one I made up so she could practice her name and writing.




Cat Chat Rhyming words


He doesn’t like the flash Smile



Make a Wish.. continuing the alphabet sequence


Cupcake counting, number match game




Matching letter game, matching little and big letters



This is one of the books I got to borrow..

File Folder Games Reading And Math: Kindergarten Book 1 by Carson Dellosa

and this is the other one….

File Folder Games: Reading and Math (Preschool): Classification, Letters, Rhyming, Opposites, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, and More by Carson-Dellosa


Mumbai Escorts said...

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Nicole Andersen said...

Thanks for the comment and wonderful encouragement!!

Rory Fugerson said...
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Nicole said...

Thanks Rory.. yes, she loves the images!

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