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Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Catch-up

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It’s been a fairly relaxed week but it seems to be dragging on and on!! 


I think our cat agrees… lazy days… ahhhh… to be a cat would be so nice.  Just sleep, run, sleep, eat, sleep… so nice!

It’s finally starting to warm up here so we have been taking advatage of it and walking to and from school again!  (drove this morning though, back down to 35!)  Anyways.. we have been doing some walking and playing outside more too.  So good for her to run all that energy out! 

Here’s a picture of her little lion she made at school last week. Too cute


and today was hat day so she was all excited and wanted to be a ‘Cowgirl’ but her hat is too big and she can’t see! (complete with red eye, sorry didn’t edit)




Yesterday I cleaned up Maddies room.   I told her the other day that we would be cleaning her room later this week.  Her response?  “Did you say we?  You said WE right?”  lol  Smart kid!!   Yes I said we but to her I think that just means Momma!  She played with the stuff I was pulling out and trying to organize.  I would say her name and she would jump and say, ‘Oh right, I forgot!’  lol 



She hasn’t liked the fact that she has had to start picking up her room every night!  She keeps telling me its already clean, there’s a pathway.  “Isn’t that what you said, that you wanted a pathway?”  Well, yes I did want a pathway but I also want it cleaner than that!  Praying she will get better on this.  So many have told me, ‘she’s only 5’ and my response is always.. if she can get it out she can put it up!  She’s good at putting things back when she is sneaking something she isn’t supposed to have, she always puts that stuff back, so why not her toys!?! 


And here’s a few pics of her room from yesterday…

this one she said… its clean!  Um… no!




and here’s her room after working over an hour on it.  I felt like I was in an episode of hoarders!  She didn’t want to get rid of anything because ‘so & so gave her that’,  ‘you made that’, ‘but I got this at the zoo its special!’  Yeah but if it was that special it wouldn’t be on the floor getting trampled!! 

These pics were after a bag of trash was taken out and a bag of stuff do give away.. cleaner but still not as clean as I would like!  She just is blessed and has way tooo much stuff!!! 



Good thing she has a big bed so all her animals can sleep with her.



and finally… her dresser…you can see parts of it and you can see the floor below it!!!



This weekend we are off to do the normal grocery and Wal-mart shopping then to a friends house for a cook-out and hopefully get some shooting in too!  Praying the weather stays decent!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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