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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Repurposed jean skirt

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So yesterday I started to go through some of my material and I found a pair of my jeans and a pair of Maddie’s that I had ripped the inseam out of, intending to make into those jean skirts where you add a triangle piece of material in the middle.  

Maddie’s jeans she couldn’t wear anymore, they were too tight around the waist, but she loved the design that was on them.  So, I just cut up my jeans, used both leg sections to make a fuller skirt, then I cut out ‘patches’ from her old skirt and she helped me lay them out on the skirt.  I just stitched them on, of course with hot pink thread, and I left the bottom unhemmed so that when we wash it and over time, it will fray.  She loves the skirt!!  I think it turned out pretty cute myself.  :)


1 comment:

Jane said...

The skirt turned out so cute! Little Maddie looks adorable, and very proud of her Mommy's handiwork!

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